Getting Down with the Youth Parliament Kids


In case you didn’t know Youth Parliament is a thing, well, it’s a thing. During September 2013, the Make Your Mark campaign will run across the UK by the UK Youth Parliament. The idea behind the campaign is that every young person in the UK casts a vote for the issue that matters most to them, (apparently legalizing Cheeba isn’t one of them). One issue will then become the national campaign for the UK Youth Parliament for the next year, and the Youth Parliament will then lobby the government to try and make changes to the legislation based upon that campaign.

On 15th November Members of Youth Parliament (MYPs) meet in the House of Commons for a full day debate on the top five issues from the public vote, after the debate a vote is held in the House of Commons to decide the national campaign for the forthcoming year.

Last year, over 250,000 votes were cast across the UK, and the campaign decided upon in the House of Commons was ‘Curriculum for Life’, which aimed to make changes to the school curriculum to make aspects of it more relevant to real world living (again, apparently teaching people how to roll properly wasn’t included).

The local Youth Parliament member is Adam Hoyes, he is running the campaign in North East Derbyshire, taking in Dronfield, Eckington and Tupton schools. Over September he will be running the ‘Make Your Mark’ campaign in North East Derbyshire, and you should notice ballot papers becoming available for you to vote on. The deadline for ballots is the beginning of October.

‘I hope you grasp the opportunity to get your voice heard as a young person and cast a vote.’ – Adam Hoyes

For more information go to  or find UK Youth Parliament of Facebook or Twitter.

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