New Year, Old Resolutions

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It’s January, traditionally the most depressing month of the year as everyone comes down from the alcohol and chocolate induced buzz of the festive season. What does January bring apart from struggling to squeeze into jeans which were baggy just three weeks ago? It brings a delusional sense of hope and optimism about the year ahead, epitomised by the pointless yet compulsory process of making New Year’s Resolutions.

How many of us, Dronfield, have decided that eating less, exercising more, boozing less or saving money are the ‘must-do’ things this year? And how many of us had the exact same resolution last year? A lot, I’d wager. So, and I’m just hazarding a guess here, surely that means it didn’t exactly work out when you made that oath last year? So what’s the bloody point in making such cliché, obvious, never-going-to-stick resolutions which you share with 98% of first-world citizens? In fact, how many of you have already failed at the ‘whole new me’ lifestyle by scoffing down those left-over Roses?

The New Year shouldn’t be about promising yourself to do things you know full well you’re not going to do. Or vice versa for the self-flagellating amongst us. It should be about making ourselves feel better in a month where we feel like curling up under the duvet and hibernating until May.

Here’s what we at Dronfield Digital propose: set yourself a target you know you can achieve. You know you’re not cut out to run the Dronfield 10K, but maybe you could walk from Dronny Bottom to The Civic once a week instead of calling a taxi. And nobody wants to cut out takeaways, especially when they’re as delicious as Fat Sams, but maybe you don’t always need the onion rings on top of the pizza and chips. Or hey, the library card has been gathering dust in your wallet for a couple of years; let’s face it, you’re not going to stick to reading a book a fortnight, but working through the Harry Potter series is just about manageable in a year.

Aim low and you won’t be disappointed. Unless you still fail, in which case there really is no hope for you, poor sod.


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