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Following the departure of former quizmaster (and merrymaker Christmas meat delivery man), Russ Dennett, a new era of quizzing has hit Dronfield: pick up your quiz-sheets, ready your craniums and get to ready to get quizzical Dronfield. There will be no tiebreaker to establish which quiz is the best in Dronfield.

The night is hosted by my good friend, Elliott Hill AKA The Baron, who (in my professional opinion), is to quizzing what Vinnie Jones is to footballers-cum-Hollywood-hardmen. Dronfield’s answer to Jeremy Paxman packs a mighty quiz straight out of his mighty brain; a quiz that would make the old fella with the eyebrows off Mastermind (Magnus Magnusson? Possibly a good friend of mine) quake in his quiz-loving boots.

Elliott Hill (AKA The Baron), quizmaster and handsome gardener (right). Shaun's wife Lorna (left).

Elliott Hill (AKA The Baron), quizmaster and handsome gardener (right). Shaun’s wife Lorna (left).

The quiz is the second of the Swan’s weekly formidable entertainment programme coupled, of course, with Chris Firminger’s (a good pal of mine) titanic open-mic  jam-night, held on a Tuesday night at 9pm. It really is a top quality paradigm of musical gaiety, see previous article for further details.

Not quite the regurgitation of Daily Mail fodder it once was, being a much more agreeable quiz, I wonder how Elliott (The Baron) even comes up with this stuff. Having not been to the quiz before I have never actually – as of yet – tussled with a question, but if my good friend Shakespeare’s King Lear was alive today he would say, ”I am a man more quizzed against than quizzing!” I‘m sure I’d agree.

Derby John, often winner of the quiz, never ceases to impress me with the ingenuity of his quiz team names.  He is a staple of the Swan’s Sunday quiz extravaganza as well as naughty schoolboy – and owner of the best motorcycle company in the Sheffield  region – Shaun Thomas (with wife Lorna), who leads a cracking team who give Derby John a real ruddy run for his money.  The third regular team, led by local dentist hopeful Robin and dental nurse girlfriend Becky, get their teeth deep in to the quiz in their whiter than white fashion that rarely sees them win the prize.

I am not actually a big fan of quizzes, I find them too challenging and frankly I don’t have the time to go down to the Swan at 8pm on a Sunday for a fantastic night of quiz-fuelled gaiety, but if Bon Jovi (not yet a good friend of mine) were to attend I’m sure he’d reference that Elliott Hill (The Baron) gives quizzes a bloody good name.

I would commend my great mate, good pal, good friend (and landlord), Ray Keddy on organising a magical bill of relentless entertainment and gaiety. Well done, Ray (good pal). I hope to see you there, even though I won’t be there, I don’t like quizzes.

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Sunday 8pm White Swan (78 Chesterfield Rd, Dronfield S18 2XF)



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