The Good, The Bad and The Unstone.


Unless you’ve been living in the desolate land of Coal Aston, you’ll have noticed a short stretch of Tarmac between the quaint town of Dronfield, and lesser known town of Chesterfield.

If you brave a trip to Chesterfield on the ever trusty and beloved 43, as you pass The Three Tuns, you’ll suddenly find your nostrils inflamed with a strong smell of days old White Lightning and stale fag ends. If you blink too long you’ll miss it, but if you brave the ride, you’ll find yourself in Unstone. Remain calm; if you don’t make eye contact with the inhabitants they will be unlikely to feel threatened.

The village is divided into two sections, top and bottom, respectively dominated by the appropriately named “top park” and “bottom park”. If you venture into either of the aforementioned you will soon be surrounded by hooded youths, probably engaging in illegal activities, such shenanigans are paramount to the Unstoner’s very way of life.

But Dronfield and Unstone do have a very strong economical connection. Dronfield boasts a wide range of takeaways, from the Friday night “Simply Chinese” to the everyday “Fat Sams”. These are unhealthily utilised by the people of Unstone, who are unfortunate enough to be just outside the correct criteria to have a Co-op.

However, Unstone has left tiny indentations on the tapestry of history; in 2011 we were lucky enough to have Elton John land his helicopter on the golf course. Yes. There’s a golf course. The lower, or “bottom”, half of Unstone is home to farmlands, that in turn houses more youths. These are surrounded by treacherous highways, which in July 2007 even managed to claim a Stagecoach bus. This bus was later recovered and went on to become the 44A.

– Writtin by Contributing Author, Jack Roe.
– Find him on Twitter @JackSki93


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