It starts with halal Co-ops but where does it end?

A church in Dronfield

That’s it, I’ve had enough! England for the English; Dronfield for the Dronfieldish. #UTB #FTO #Pray4StGeorge #BritainFurst

I’m sick and tired of watching this small ethnically uniform town being torn apart by the hoards of twos and threes of –  what I assume are – migrant workers cunningly hopping the Sheffield/Dronfield border like work-starved opportunistic hurdle runners, probably burglarising washing from clothing lines to disguise themselves as local residents as they sprint down Chesterfield Rd. Invading Dronfield to work cash-in-hand jobs, avoiding taxes (unlike every tradesman I’ve ever met) taking all the best jobs away from professional skilled workers like cabbage picking and car washing. Personally,  it would take more than Johnny Foreigner with no formal training or ability to speak English to take my job because I’m not an absolute Drongo. But still, who do they think they are? The absolute bastards!

I bet they’re all on at least 200k of benefits and living in tax-payer funded mega-mansions with nice hanging baskets. I bet they probably have big bloody tellys that government just gives them so they don’t look racist, yeah, probably. And I’ll bet they even have the full Sky+ HD package as well. It makes me sick to my stomach knowing they are watching Masterchef in HD at the same time as me, just before they eat a handful of  halal Cheerios, scratch their arses, then reflect upon the day, probably thinking about how little they support the troops or how they can steal another job from low-level manual workers. This is not what Dronfield is about.

It doesn’t even feel like Dronfield anymore. I’m not exactly Mr Theology but I’m presuming they definitely aren’t Christian like the rest of us. I’m scared that if we don’t do something to combat this evil we’ll end up living our lives in more or less the same way we already live but with slighter more racial integration. I will NOT stand by while Dronfield is changed ever so slightly. So, now we’re on the same page, I think we all agree we need to shut down all the Mosques in Dronfield, of which I imagine there are a lot of, probably 10 or so and a couple of ‘Mega Mosques’, I’ve heard Britain First speak so vehemently about. Those bloody muezzins calling out at all hours summoning non-infidels to pray fives times a day in the autonomously punctual way they do,  in a manner that has absolutely no bearing on my life. The sense of entitlement is fucking unreal.

It’s time we take a stand, I propose we shave our heads and take our bigoted views to the streets. One needlessly racist chant at a time. I’m going to order a bunch of Union Jack flags and green military style jackets for all of us and we can walk around Dronfield forcing people to listen to our views in a fashion so facepalmigly hypocritical it could kill a sensible man at 50 paces. If someone could contact the local press to explain to them we’re not racist in advance, that would be great, we don’t want to end up looking like massive twats. Cheers.

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