Spooktacular Halloween Competition


Dronfield Digital invites you all to take part in our Halloween Trick’or’Tweet competition. We will be handing out prizes (bundles of sweets) across Dronfield from 7:30pm onwards.

The game-play is incredibly simple (if anyone took part in our Easter competition, it’s exactly the same):

  • We will post a picture of our location in Dronfield and the first person there wins the prizes.
  • If you follow us on twitter @DronfieldUK the hashtag we will be using will be #TrickS18
  • Alternatively, you can check progress on our facebook page.

We have 5 bundles of sweets and two Localed ‘Steel City’ shirts as prizes.

Rules (there’s always rules):

  • Given the choice of prizes, contestant must ideally be under 18.
  • Adults are allowed to enter provided they bring a child.
  • Nobody can win twice.
  • All winners will have a quick picture taken.

Good luck and Happy Halloween!

Also, thanks to Tom Westerman for his pumpkin picture.

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