The Social Live V

Social Live V

The fifth installment of Ollie King’s Social Live featured four acts: Simon Roe, The Natterjacks, Matt Longden and Josh Feeley.

Simon Roe


Simon Roe


Simon Roe looks and dresses like Yorkshire’s answer to Steve Jobs but that is where the comparison stops. His performance was nothing like the key notes of a new iPhone demo: I didn’t resent my current iPhone by the end of it, I wasn’t thinking about all the cool new apps I could, one day, download and I wasn’t thinking about how Steve could posthumously present a key notes demo. I was thinking about Simon’s set and it was enjoyable. If anyone from Apple Inc is reading, you should snap this guy up for the launch of the iPhone 6.

He described his song choices as ‘soppy old love sings’, much to the delight of the older members of the crowd. Although I’m sure I didn’t know a single song, that did not stop me from singing along after the first few frosty Carling Premiers. Carling Premier is a much nicer drink than Carling. I’m not a big fan of Carling but I will happily drink Carling Premier, it’s smoother and it’s only 20p more in most places.

3 Thumbs up.


The Natterjacks




I have previously reviewed The Natterjacks and everything I said last time still rings true.

Since our last encounter at The Social II, I have bumped into Freddie and Mark around Chesterfield. Just last week after a fireworks display, I helped guide Mark out of a parking space. I did not recognise him at the time, which highlights what a caring, community-minded, selfless and heroic person I am.

While they were performing I had the pleasure of speaking to one of their girlfriends (I think it was Freddie’s?), and she told me all about how they did geography together and were both fond of the Natterjack Toad, which is how they came to be known as The Natterjacks’, despite neither of them bearing any resemblance to the toad of their namesake.

Nina (Yoko), the girlfriend, has not yet accepted my friend request on Facebook. If anyone speaks to her in the meantime, tell her I say hey and to text me. We’ll go out for a drink some time, but not to tell Freddie (or Mark, if it turns out to be his girlfriend).

3.5 Thumbs up.


Matt Longden


Matt Longden


Matt Longden played the first Social Live gig, which I didn’t review. I remember watching him and thinking, just another Sheffield lad trying to chance his way on to the front of an NME mag, then he started playing and I thought one day he actually might make it on to the NME website; an NME cover shot is quite prestigious, maybe too prestigious.

Matt’s special guest performer was Social Live founder Ollie King, they played some solid numbers together which got the crowd fired up. I think if Matt and Ollie were to fight The Natterjacks in a Faustian music duel to the death, it would be very interesting to watch. You would have Nina heckling from the sidelines, there would be a priest condemning the whole ordeal and it would have turned into a very different night.

Matt is the frontman of a band called 10Take, who I reviewed at the last Social Live. They are quite good.

4 Thumbs Up


Josh Feeley


Josh Feeley


Josh Feeley, Dronfield’s indie-pop boy extraordinaire, formerly of The Chase fame, took a night out from performing which his current band Semaphore to play an acoustic set. I haven’t heard his new band yet but I have seen and reviewed The Chase and they were good.

Despite looking like a reserve member of the pop band The Vamps, Josh didn’t play a single song by them. He played his own brand of pleasant, fresh-faced, fresh-from-post-16 acoustic indie-pop, which was backed by Joe Lawson on the Cajón. The Cajón is easily one of the coolest percussive instruments in the world, they make triangles look foolish and snares look amateur.

After the gig I asked his brother how I could best describe him in this review, he said I should write something along the lines of he doesn’t like like he’s all there. Which I don’t agree with.

4 Thumbs up.

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