The Social Live VIII


The eighth installment of Ollie King’s Social Live featured two acts: Perfectparachutepicture and Semaphore at The Sports and Social Club in Dronfield Woodhouse.


Perfectparachutepicture really reminded me of Sheffield-based singer/songwriter Matt Longden. They dressed like him. They sang like him. They played his set. They existed in the exact same time and space as him, which – upon reflection – I think had something to do with the fact that they pulled out minutes before the gig and Matt Longden kindly agreed to fill-in for them.

No stranger to The Social Live, Matt Longden has graced Dronfield’s finest pub-cum-WMC several times in the past. Reviewing him for the umpteenth time seems a little trivial, so I’m going to copy and paste a review I found of Kiss Akabusi’s motivational speaking online: “He’s a real character, you never knew what was going to happen next. He had the audience in stitches. I’m so glad we booked him for our event. Thoroughly enjoyed!!”

Matt plays one of my favourite songs, The Power Of Love, which is brilliant because every now and then he does his own backing vocals. Listen below.



Semaphore are the kind of band your Nan would hate, but that’s alright because your Nan isn’t into prog anyway. She probably listens to Doris Day and absolutely loves the film Calamity Jane. It’s a heart warming Wild West-themed musical staring Doris Day. Instead, Semaphore are the kind of band your teenage son might like, or teenage daughter might want to go on a date to the cinema with to see the new Captain American film. It’s a Superhero-themed spy film staring the guy who plays Captain America and Mace Windu.

Semaphore are probably the most technical outfit I’ve seen in Dronfield, what with their constantly changing rhythm, key, time signature and facial expressions. They played at the O2 Academy in Sheffield the night before to a packed crowd, but I preferred the intimate setting on The Dronfield Sports & Social club, mostly because the sound was better.

5 Thumbs up!


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