The Social Live VI: Festive Special

Festive Social

The sixth (and so far best) installment of Oliver King’s Social Live, held at the Dronfield Woodhouse Sports and Social Club, featured 4 fantastic acts: Daniel Longmore, The Natterjacks, Matt Longden and RedFaces.

Daniel Longmore


Despite wearing the haircut of a lad much younger than himself, ‘cute as a bug’ Chesterfield youth Daniel Longmore rocked the opening of the night with his mellow acoustic indie boy-ballads. D-Lizzle played the first Social Live I attended, I made various comments about his enduring love for his ex-girlfriend, which must now have waned because he refused to start until his current girlfriend arrived (I had to to give her directions, that’s the kind of person I am).

This time round we were serenaded with the second part of his song describing his love affair with sister of David Platt from Coronation Street, Sarah Platt. In real life Sarah is played by Tina O’Brien, who is frankly miles out of his league because she can get people like Jason Grimshaw. Good for her.

Having watched Longmore a few times – not in a weird binocular-and-camouflage way – in that I’ve popped down to a few of his Chesterfield gigs, I predict 2014 will be a good year for him. I’m told his EP will be released in March.

Christmas Song: Let It Snow

 4 Thumbs Up

The Natterjacks

The Natterjacks

The second act on the bill, The Natterjacks, have received so much coverage in previous reviews of the Social Live I have decided reviewing them for a third time would be too hard, so I’m just going to describe how they would react in certain social situations, in the hope you will understand more about their characters:

  1. You’re in the queue at Debenhams and you’ve just realised you need to grab a pair of socks real quick, but you will lose your place and end up standing at the back like an idiot. If Freddie or Mark were behind you, they would let you back in the queue without thinking twice.
  2. You’re buying a Yazzo milkshake, a pack of Space Invaders and some king-size Rizla from a corner shop and you’re 20p short. If Freddie or Mark were working behind the till, they would take 20p out of their own pocket and cover your goods without thinking twice.
  3. You’re an old lady and you need to cross a really busy road, you’re scared. The traffic is coming quite fast and there isn’t a good time to cross, what on earth are you going to do? If Freddie or Mark were there, they would fearlessly guide you across without thinking twice.

2014 will be an alright year for Frank and Marty.

Christmas Song: Fairytale of New York

12 Thumbs Up (They asked if I could give them more because it would make them look more impressive)

Matt Longden

Matt Longden

10Take’s Matt Longden looks like if he was a plumber he’d probably bugger up your pipework but he’s likable enough for you to add him on facebook and have a laugh about it afterwards, you wouldn’t even mind forking out for a more professional job to rectify his mistakes. That being said, with the right training I imagine he would be as good at plumbing as he is at performing, which is quite good.

(PLEASE NOTE: I have just checked to see if Matt is actually a plumber. He is not.)

A particular favourite of mine in Matt Longden’s back-catalogue is his Treacherous Sea, a song about feeling like a lighthouse and turning off the light if someone comes near. Of course, because modern lighthouses are automated, if Matt were to intentionally turn the light out and cause a maritime disaster: he would probably face manslaughter charges.

2014 is going to be a big year for Matt Longden.

Christmas Song: The Power of Love

4 Thumbs Up



Dronfield’s very own RedFaces are a force to be reckoned with, not in the way that a super-power like Russia is a force to be reckoned with, as in local bands should really pick up their game because they are getting shown up massively by lads who don’t even have National Insurance cards. On a side note: do HMRC still send out blue and red plastic national insurance cards?

Son of Steve (possibly the only man over 40 who doesn’t carry around indigestion tablets), Harry Lyon, set everybodys adorable-alarm off with his impression of the young black girl from Love Actually with a performance of Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You. He even did the sassy finger waving thing that you might expect from large African-American female artists or casually-racist impressionists.

I’m reliably informed (from their facebook page) that the RedFaces are geared up for the new year (2014, at the time of writing) with some new geetars and a bass-fuzz pedal (I don’t know either). 2014 will be a big year for them.

Christmas Song: All I Want For Christmas Is You

8 Thumbs Up (and 1 sassy waving finger)

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