The Social Live IV

The Social Live IV

The fourth installment of Ollie King’s Social Live featured three acts: James Oakley, Such Sights and 10Take at The Sports and Social Club in Dronfield Woodhouse.

James Oakley


James Oakley

I decided I liked James Oakley before he started performing, because he was wearing sandals and it’s September. His soft mix of acoustic guitar and soulful vocals were an interesting mix to the nights entertainments. If I had a tapas restaurant, bar and grill, I would call James and ask him to play every other Saturday. He’s polite enough to say yes but I imagine he’s probably busy so we would have to negotiate the occasional Thursday and  I would let him pick a few tapas dishes for his trouble.

I’m told he is actually part of a duo, off the back of his performance at The Social Live IV, I would go and see them.

Rating: 4 Thumbs Up.


Such Sights


Such Sights

Such Sights are a band who like tattoos, haircuts and alt-rock girls. Perhaps the heaviest band who have played The Social Live, and certainly the most out-spoken to hecklers. In fact I, as a heckler, had to ask one of the band member’s girlfriends (I’m assuming) to explain a pop culture reference to me.

They were good lads and although I wouldn’t ask them to play in my imagined tapas restaurant, bar and grill (see review above) because I don’t think their music would compliment my selection of Spanish appetizers, I would however provide them with a great 10% friends and family discount.

Rating: 3.5 Thumbs Up




10 Take10Take are a no-holds-barred Sheffield indie band with explosive character and fantastic songwriting ability… This is exactly the kind of thing I imagine I would have wrote in my notebook if I wasn’t as drunk as I was, instead it was incomprehensible squiggles and at some point I must have wrote ‘bruschetta’ crossed it out and wrote ‘wrong country’ next to it.

As the night went on and I was thinking more about small-portion based foods, the band were drinking Corona like there was no tomorrow and I started to think I feel like I was on a lads holiday, without the bad banter or nightclubs.

10Take were without a doubt my favorite act of the night. I recommend checking out their MySpace page (yes, MySpace is a thing again).

Rating: 4.5 Thumbs Up 


Matchstick from 10Take [PREVIOUSLY THE MATADORS] on Myspace.

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