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The third installment of Ollie King’s Social Live featured three acts: Kid Conventional, Modern Alarms and Dronfied’s own RedFaces at The Sports and Social Club in Dronfield Woodhouse.

Kid Conventional


Not entirely unlike Ed Sheeran but nothing like Ed Sheeran, Kid Conventional is exactly where he wants to be, which is somewhere not being like Ed Sheeran. I missed his first couple of songs because women can’t ring taxi’s properly, but the second half of his set was enjoyable. He’s an acoustic singer-songwriter with middle class undertones, ginger hair and I can’t remember if he wore glasses because I haven’t looked at the pictures yet, he probably did. (EDIT: He does. )

Kid Conventional really came into his own after his set, after the gig, at a pub 2 miles away, he played an Elvis number and it was good.

I kept calling him unconventional, smirking then laughing. He did not find this as funny as I did, at one point he asked me to stop.

If I was to compare him to a similar artist it would be Ed Sheeran.

3 Thumbs Up.


Modern Alarms


I did not know what to expect from the Modern Alarms because the singer had a look of Ryan Jarman from The Cribs. Then they started playing and I spent most of their set trying to work out who they sounded like. It’s a bit Stone Roses, it’s a bit Kasabian, it’s a bit The Doors without a keys player.

The best thing about the Modern Alarms are their vocal harmonies. The Modern Alarms are nothing like the Beach Boys in many respects, they are not from Hawthorne in California, they did not form in 1961 but they both know to to slap you with a meaty pre-chorus choral crescendos and make it look easy. Also, they did not write Surfin’ USA.

Despite inviting them, Modern Alarms did not want to come to the pub with me and Kid Conventional (who at this point was really drunk). They said Dronfield reminded them of Royston Vasey.

3.5 Thumbs Up




Fresh-faced and straight out of Dronfield, RedFaces make me jealous because they can all play guitar better than me (even the drummer, probably). I am much bigger than all of them, I was speaking to the dad of the lad that fronts the band, we speculated I could probably beat them all up. My envy subsided.

If Dronfield had a radio station, which at the time of writing hasn’t, they would easily get on to Dronfield Radio. They do a song which I like but I still have no idea what the name of the song is, it’s a real funky song.

With a collective age of less than a man of retirement age, they have plenty of time to practice and play gigs before they can legally buy alcohol, become really disillusioned with the music industry and change their names to Leaf, Wind, Rainbow and something else wacky.

Elliott Meek, one of the guitarists from The Chase was loving RedFaces’ cover of Artic Monkeys song Scummy so much he was singing disproportionately loud and I had to ask him to be quiet.

4 Thumbs Up.

Photography: Tom Westerman


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