The Social Live II

Social Live II

The Second Instalment of Ollie King’s Social Live (facebook) featured three acts: Daniel Longmore, The Natterjacks and Dronfied’s own The Chase at The Sports and Social Club in Dronfield Woodhouse.

Daniel Longmore

The opener, Daniel Longmore, was a small left-handed lad, half acoustic singer/songwriter and half Chesterfield youth. He kind of reminded me of many other musicians who are the on the “I’m emotionally tormented due to my ex-girlfriend and I want to write songs about it to prove that I don’t care anymore, not me, I don’t care, I don’t care one bit, no sir.”-hype, but it turned out he wasn’t, he just liked to look down a lot. His vocals had a partial Jack Steadman vibe, it’s a good vibe.

He was a pretty funky guy with songs about girls on facebook, breakfast, the love he feels for his ex-girlfriend and his unrequited love with (again) possibly his ex-girlfriend. He was quite a unique performer and I would probably listen to him on Soundcloud, if he had a Soundcloud account. Which he does.

3 Thumbs Up.

If you want to find him on facebook:

The Natterjacks

I liked the Natterjacks, they may sound a lot like Mumford and Sons (and actually covered one of their songs), but there is nothing wrong with sounding like somebody else. Rice Krispies sound similar to other cereals but that does not affect the taste all the much. Rice Krispies are not my favourite cereal, my favourite cereal is Crunchy Nut. I guess what I’m trying to say is, these lads are the Rice Krispies that the Mumford and Sons Cheerios aren’t.

They look like pretty respectable people, you know, the kind of people you’d trust to feed your cat while you were away on holiday without the fear they would try on your clothes or use your toothbrush.

From the look of their leaflet which somebody gave me, they seem to be doing well for themselves playing on a BBC Introducing stage somewhere and also Y-Not Festival. After the gig we watched them speed off with their respective girlfriends in the passenger seats, and everyone knew they were probably not going straight to bed when they got home.

3.5 Thumbs Up

Find them here:

The Chase

The Chase are Dronfield’s answer to N*SYNC or One Direction but not Westlife; The Chase are nothing like Westlife, in fact not all 5 of them sing, they don’t start songs on stools and towards the end suddenly change key and stand up with open arms. One of them has not married a member of Atomic Kitten.

Rather irritatingly, given their ages (around 16 or so), they are good. The kind of good where someone’s mum got drunk, danced around then heckled them to ask if they had already played the song that they opened their set with. I got a picture with her and her banter was fantastic.

I think all of them were wearing shorts and one of them was not wearing a top, it was all very summer-y. I got drunk and the frontman’s Dad gave me a lift to another pub on their way home.

I would definitely recommend popping down to see them on one of their many dates across the summer.

4 Thumbs Up.

Find them here:

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