SkintFest 2014: Finally, music for the poor.

SkintFest 2014

Marie Antoinette wanted to the poor to eat cake, Chesterfield’s Samuel Hague feels much the same way, except instead of eating he wants them to listen and instead of cake: music. What I’m trying to say is, Chesterfield’s Sam Hague wants the poor to listen to music in the not dissimilar way former french monarch (with great breasts), Marie Antoinette, wanted the poor to eat cake.

By all accounts I would rather eat cake than listen to live music; It’s not that I hate live music, it’s that I hate people in bands, especially hardcore and pop-punk bands who are – without fail – tossers. No one gives a shit how many tumblr followers you have. Take the snapback off, cut your hair, stop getting tattoos and get a real job instead of working in a shoe shop, you self-righteous prick. It’s a good thing you’ve got friends who like buying badly-fitting badly-designed t-shirts otherwise you’d have a lot of surplus stock to shift on your band BigCartel site. You’re not in The Beatles, put the dream to bed before you’re all pathetic, broke and busking outside the Chesterfield dole office. Other than that, I love live music.

Enter SkintFest


SkintFest is the brainchild of Chesterfield’s Sam Hague (previously compared to Marie Antoinette), a tattooed individual and guitar man from Chesterfield’s Such Sights (you may have seen the singer on The Voice UK…). Despite looking hopelessly unemployable, in 2011 he started SkintFest in a small Brimington pub called The Corner House as an excuse to get drunk and eat chips over the Easter holidays.

The idea behind SkintFest is to bring a bunch of acts together over a weekend – like a major festival – without the big (cha-ching-cha-ching) price tag or big acts. Think of it as a scale model festival without camping and instead of Jason Newstead you have Chris Aitkenhead (bassist for Elegies). On a side note, Elegies have recently won Derbyshire’s award for ‘Band name that sounds most like a cold and flu remedy’. Say what you want about Elegies, but I like them.

What kind of acts play?

I went to SkintFest a few years ago and I can’t really remember what kind of music it was. I remember seeing a lot of beany hats branded with their friends band name, telecasters and singers jumping up and down. I am told SkintFest plays anything from Acoustic Folk to Deathcore, notable acts include: MC Devvo, Neck Deep, Dead Harts, Climates, Crooks and A Season of Secrets (now, Elegies. Not to be mistaken with 24 hour relief from sinus pressure pain and cold congestion medicine).

What is the crowd like?

A credible source from Chesterfield, Chesterfield’s Sam Hague, told me the crowd is everything from teenagers and band members’ nans. When the nans are gone and the drop-A downtuned guitars come out it can get a little moshy. I’m told there’s a funny anecdote surrounding security and mosh pits from a previous year, you will have to ask Chesterfield’s Sam Hague for further details.

What’s on the cards for SkintFest 2014?

Chesterfield’s Sam Hague had this to say: “This year we have slamming death-metallers Ingested headlining on the Sunday and everyone’s favourite chav, MC Devvo, on the Saturday. We are yet to announce the Friday headliners but we are confident you won’t be disappointed. Shabba.”

Obviously I want to go, what do I do?

For further details visit the SkintFest Facebook Page and the event page here.

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