Sheff vs. Chez – Round 1: Geography

Dronfield Map

Here it is, the most highly anticipated clash of the titans since, well… I don’t really follow boxing enough to carry on with that comparison. Anyway. Here in Round 1, heavyweight champ of the North, Sheffield, is facing off against lightweight star from N-Derbz, Chesterfield, in a battle for the land. See, I’ve continued with this painful boxing analogy because I want to apologise for a factual inaccuracy in my last post (Dronfield: Where Do We Belong) where I foolishly gave Chesterfield delusions of grandeur by claiming it to be a city. It is not. It’s a town, which is where the whole heavyweight/lightweight thing comes in. Different leagues, get it? No? Okay then, moving swiftly on…

Today we’re looking at the geography of Dronfield and trying to decide where we fit in. To make this easy, here’s a pretty map.

It’s quite clear that the jaggedy blue line of Chesterfield dominates our border, with Sheffield’s orange only able to claim the most northerly quarter.

So 75% of our perimeter is Derbyshire, does this mean it’s all over for Sheffield? Let’s take a look at a few key statistics, using the heavily reliable Google Maps tool. Taking the Civic Centre as the heart of Dronfield, it’s 7.2 miles to get to Sheffield City Centre, and only 6.7 miles to reach Chesterfield town centre. The nearest hospital, however, stands at 9.6 miles to get to Chesterfield’s Calow (really, Google Maps?), and only 6.7 miles to get to Sheffield’s Royal Hallamshire. But who cares about the distance to your local A&E when we’ve got a Cineworld a mere 8.4 miles away in Chesterfield, compared to the 8.9 miles that Sheffield expects us to trek!

So, Sheffield gets a decent blow in with that whole ‘when I’m in desperate need of immediate medical attention’ thing, but on the whole, I think it’s safe to say that in the battle of Sheff vs. Chez, in the fight over Dronfield, this round goes to Chez.

Look out for Round 2 – Local History, next week…

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