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Dronfield has produced many fine musicians over the years: Rick Allan of Def Leppard, Mark Lickley of ABC, some chump who played guitar for the Human League, and lets not forget darling of the Dronfield Eye, Dave Berry! Fran & Nick, have lit up the X Factor and Eurovision and Coal Aston’s Jeramy Meek plays bass for Paul Carrick.

Dig a little deeper and there is a thriving music scene in Dronfield pubs. The White Swan leads the way with a Sunday night acoustic jam, an open mic night on Tuesday, and Friday night hosts live bands. The Yew Tree also hosts regular live music nights as do The Vic and The Three Tuns.

There are some superb acts playing in Dronfield pubs: My own Junkyard Dog, Sparta F.C, Firecracker, Hannah Lily, The Score, Emma Rossi, Chris Paul, Niall Howard and Andy Birks – to name but a few. Such a diverse mix of genres and range in ages.

It always astounds me how music is developing in this town; everywhere you look kids have a guitar over their shoulder. At our open mic so many young people come and perform solo pieces with just a guitar for company. Young bands like The Chase are coming through and playing well, Meg Hobson and Joanne Muntis come and sing beautifully for us, and we even have some fopp come and do his own version of Gloria Gaynor’s “I will survive” in a drunken lounge-stylee!

That’s the great thing about open mics, they encourage and instill the determination for someone new to get up. Plus, you never know who is going to get up and play. Our open mic has been going for 7 years and has seen many people play for the first time and develop into good musicians.

We also have local clubs to thanks: Hilltop, Pioneer and the Contact club all still fighting the good fight for live music. We are a lucky town to have all this going on, so remember, go watch live music and support your local. Keep music live!

– Contributing Author, Russ Dennett.

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