New “Quad-Decker” Bus to be Trialed

Quad Decker

Local bus providers have stated that the popular 43 service is to be part of a nationwide trial that is being implemented in an attempt to increase efficiency. Additionally, if successful, the new scheme could dramatically cut the UK’s collective carbon footprint.

The aim of the scheme is to create a slightly less frequent service (hourly rather than half-hourly in the 43’s case!) but offer transport on new state of the art ‘quad-deckers’. In theory, the same amount of people can be transported, but using only one vehicle per hour, rather than two.

We caught up with a representative for the local bus service provider, who told us this; ‘I feel honoured that our community has been chosen for this trial, and I really hope everyone will welcome the changes with open arms. Sure the new service is going to be inconvenient, more expensive, and even dangerous – the huge new buses are likely to pose a threat on the roads – but if it helps save the planet then who are we to argue?!’

As mentioned above, due to the huge level of investment made by the bus company, fares are likely to increase, with singles to Sheffield City Centre expected to cost up to £9.50. Such a rise is projected to have little or no effect in the ‘Middle Class Capital of the UK’, which has been supported by claims that Dronfield inhabitants have the highest percentage of disposable income throughout the country.

Taking a long-term view though, with the polar ice caps depleting at such a shocking rate, maybe this is the kind of scheme that will make people think twice about whether or not they really need to make that journey…


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