Peak Resort: Putting Unstone On The Map Since 2016

Peak Resort, Unstone.

If you’re of the opinion that 25.3 miles (~45 minutes) is too far to travel to sleep in an entirely inauthentic log cabin, then good news is coming your way. Peak Resort, the forever-in-planning-project, is set to put Unstone on the map, whether it likes it or not. 

Peak Resort is a £300 million pound project, to put that into perspective, with the same amount of money you could buy everyone in a Dronfield and Unstone a brand new Volvo C40. Breaking ground soon, with an expected completion early 2016.

The Chesterfield website, with minor details of the project, boasts it will contain: a 212 bed hotel, 250 woodland lodges, a 26 bed golf hotel, an 18 hole championship golf course, 300 acres of park and woodland, a sports injury clinic and an eco-dome centre providing indoor climate-controlled water sports, adventure and other leisure facilities.

The golf-course has been designed by Jonathan Gaunt, on the About Us section of his website, it says Golf Monthly described him as ‘destined for great things’, which I absolutely love.

The project will essentially be like a not-very-good Center Parcs, which means it will be exactly like Center Parcs in every conceivable way, but much closer to your house and presumably less fun. It claims 3000 jobs will be created, although we suspect the people of Unstone will remain forever unemployed, and just as unmotivated as ever.

We presume this means Unstone will be flooded by Southerners who think they are in the Peak District, while simultaneously staying as far away from the Peak District as humanly possible in the S18 post code. They will tell their friends they are staying in the Peak District, their friends will be jealous, it will be very embarrassing for all concerned parties.

On the plus side: the influx in people to the area is sure to do wonders for Dronfield’s economy, and maybe  Unstone will finally get a Tesco Metro or Co-op. Probably a Co-op.

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