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Steel City DD

If, like me, you wear clothes, it helps to buy a couple of t-shirts otherwise co-workers will start talking behind your back and that nice looking girl that you really want to ‘give a good seeing to’, well, she’s not going to be interested if you wear the same top day-in-day-out. She’s a bitch anyway, I’ve seen her boyfriend on facebook and he’s a Tango’d gym warrior, seriously, what does she even see in him?

Dronfield Digital caught up with Localed owners Jack Spivey and Jonathan Burton (yes, they have contributed to Dronfield Digital before) to get the 411 on local threads.

Localed. A bit of background:

The original idea for Localed came as early as 2010, when 7  teenagers thirsty for business signed up for the Young Enterprise programme at Dronfield Henry Fanshawe School. It was a massive flop, nobody had a clue how to run a business and in this case, too many cooks spoiled the broth. As part of the Young Enterprise regulations, Localed was put to sleep in July 2011. However Localed still shone in the eyes of Jonathan Burton and Jack Spivey, two of the original team, and with the help of Adam Wright, Localed was awakened with a completely new image.

Localed began selling again on a minuscule budget in February 2012 with 2 completely different designs, beginning the Localed that’s known today. The first batch of Steel City and Chezvegas shirts sold out like bottled water in the desert. Not before long come May time 2012, Localed was stocked in 3 stores in Sheffield: Balance, Our Sheffield (Students Union) and A New Shop (Yes, that is actually the name of the shop, pretentious bastards).

Business was good and Localed kept growing and growing (like a semi in Spearmint Rhinos), bringing sweatshirts, beanies and hoodies into its line of products, taking its original offering of 4 t-shirts to 16 different products. In September 2012 the 3 lads were all going their separate ways for University. Jack stayed in Sheffield, Jon moved to Manchester and Adam stepped down and moved to Nottingham. Instead of calling it quits, Jack and Jon pushed on and aimed to conquer Manchester in all Localed fashion, bringing out a Manchester line which then became stocked in Dirty Work, Afflecks Palace.

What’s been the best part of doing Localed?

It’s fantastic when I’m walking round in Sheffield or Manchester and see someone wearing our stuff. Friends always say when they’ve seen someone in them from Birmingham Train Station to Malia to Australia! The best bit though was when Reverend & The Makers frontman John McClure posted a picture of him in our Steel City shirt, that was unreal!

What do you think of Sheffields thriving independent fashion scene?

There’s so much talent in Sheffield and starting a label seems more popular than starting a band these days. During Localed we’ve seen labels come and go, it seems like the more tattoos and Facebook friends you have the more successful your label will be. We’re overwhelmed with how people have taken to us, the steel city shirts been Balances longest selling tee ever which is pretty cool.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to start something up?

Have patience! And be original, make artwork that people want to wear, there’s been a few SABBC and XCVB look-a-likes which just don’t pull through. Also don’t just be a brand name on a t-shirt!


Localed have kindly agreed to give 15% off to Dronfield Digital readers with the voucher code DRONFIELDUK  you can place orders on their website .


Find them on Twitter: @LocaledClothing

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