Local Band: The Chase

The Chase

If you’re in your teens and One Direction aren’t cutting the mustard because maybe Harry started dating another older lady or perhaps Zayn changed his hair slightly or you don’t quite believe that the Irish one plays guitar, well, you might want to consider listening to The Chase (or in Spanish, La Persecución).

Having formed in 2011 when frontman Joshua Feeley approached guitarist Liam Spinks about forming a band, they scoured local gigs looking another like minded young muso, (unfortunately local musical legend Russ Dennett was busy) they soon found guitarist Elliott Meek in a pub somewhere (probably?!), who they invited to join, he accepted and they rest they say is history… but you might as well read on… after several months of practicing, Josh and Liam enlisted Benjamin Glynn on bass guitar. Having decided a drummer was pretty integral to the whole musical mixing pot, drummer Joe Lawson was drafted in.

Although the band had formed, much like an unidentified body, they still had no identity. After what Dronfield Digital suspects took 3 hours, 5 brainstorm diagrams and probably 4 cans of Fosters, the name was finally decided. In case you missed the article title or didn’t bother reading the first line, they became ‘The Chase’.

They spent a year playing locally a couple of nights a week to develop a name for themselves, which led to local promoters Rich Alsop and SB Squared offering the band gigs at myriad venues including The Sun Inn, Sheffield O2 Academy and The Plug. Currently the lads are spending time writing new material and playing a bunch of gigs across Sheffield and Chesterfield. They played The Social Live in Dronfield quite recently, which was reviewed on this website, here.

You can listen to one of their own songs Heads in a Twist below:





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