Live music in Dronfield this week: 10th July – 16th July


If music be the food of love, play on. Give me excess of it; that surfeiting, the appetite might sicken, and so die. The words of William Shakespeare from his comedy (yeah, if that’s the right term) Twelfth Night. I’m not some fancy wordsmith but I’m pretty sure what he was trying to say is this: Music is pretty good. So, with that in mind here is what is happening in Dronfield this week.

Friday 15th July – Harmony of Spheres

I know nothing about this band, but if I can judge anything about their name is that they probably enjoy reading fantasy novels. They sound like a prog rock band because I think they are a prog rock band. I expect covers of Pink Floyd, Marillion, Genesis and Moody Blues.

They are playing at 10A High  Street from 9pm. Find the event on Facebook here.

Saturday 16th July – The TBC

All I know about The To Be Confirmed is that they are from Chesterfield. This could mean many things but one thing is for sure, they are likely Labour voters as many ex-colliery towns are. I imagine this will have absolutely no impact on the music, which I expect to be ok.

They are playing at 10A High Street from 9pm. Find the event on Facebook here.


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