Justin Bieber + Dronfield Christmas Lights = O.M.F.G!!!!

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The Dronfield Christmas Lights Switch On takes place in just under two weeks and the big question that has been on everybody’s mind – who is going to be trusted with the prestigious task of flicking that switch? – has finally been answered.

The Dronfield Town Council (who I commend for waiting until December before entering the festive season) have been keeping their cards very close to their chest when it came to the guest of honour, and speculation around Dronfield has been rife. Will it be our very own Dave Berry? How about semi-celebs ‘the twins’? An upstanding, well-respected member of the Dronfield community, perhaps somebody responsible for finally introducing Dronfield to the online world with a first-rate Dronfield-based online publication? Good guesses, but all wrong. Word finally made its way through the Dronfield grapevine to land in our inbox last night… Our lights will be switched on by none other than Justin freakin’ Bieber!

That’s right, Bieber Fever will spread like wildfire through the streets of Dronfield when he graces our small town with his annoying-yet-oh-so-famous presence. Teenage girls will go crazy, parents will be concerned by his recent controversy, but ultimately won over by his perfect hair, and everybody will likely be stood around in the cold waiting an additional two hours for him to turn up. He’ll lip-sync like a pro to fan-favourites off his Christmas album (I can only assume the twins will make an appearance to carry Mariah Carey’s half of All I Want For Christmas Is You), and hopefully throw in a mash up of Santa Baby, Baby, Baby.

These are exciting times to be living the Dronfield dream. Love him or (more likely) hate him, a name as big as his appearing at the most important event in the calendar is sure to escalate Dronfield to international recognition. So cheers Justin, how about a pint in The Swan after the gig?

EDIT: Well, it turns out my anonymous source at the council included a typo in her email. It’s not Justin Bieber, international pop-star capable of propelling us into the global limelight. It’s Justine Bieber, local resident and long-serving member of the Dronfield Nursing Home care team. Congratulations Justine. We can’t pretend we’re not disappointed with this news, but I’m sure you’ll be great.

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