Murder, She Definitely Didn’t Write

The Snowflake Twins -  Millie Murdoch

Earlier this week, Dronfield Digital met with local author, Millicent Murdoch (you all know her as Millie, regular contributor to our site) to chat about the release of her debut picture book, The Snowflake Twins.

Dronfield Digital [DD]: Tell us a bit about your new book. Don’t be giving us any spoilers though…

Millicent Murdoch [MM]: It’s about a pair of identical snowflakes – you know the old saying about how every snowflake is different, right? – it follows their adventures as they journey through the sky. There’s a bit of conflict and there’s a bit of danger thrown in, but ultimately it’s a cute little story of acceptance.

DD: Sounds terrible.

MM: Well, you’re neither a 5 year old nor a parent so your opinion doesn’t really matter!

DD: Ha. Just kidding. I’ve been told it’s a bit of a tear-jerker?

MM: It is quite sad at times… It’s odd because I’m emotionally retarded, like I’ve not cried in three years or something daft like that, and everyone who knows me is like ‘how the hell have you managed to write something so heartfelt when you’re dead inside!’

DD: We were quite surprised you’d written a kid’s book at all to be honest…

MM: I’ve had that a lot as well. I’m guessing it’s something to do with my dark sense of humour and sick and twisted mind! But I love kid’s books and films. It’s supposed to be fun and that’s what the kid’s books have taken writing back to for me. I have had to watch how many times I say the word ‘fuck’ online though!

DD: You just said it. It’s going to appear online now.

MM: Yeah but I think your readers can handle it. It’s all about knowing your audience. DD readers love controversial content, kids like pretty snowflakes and mums like stories that make them feel all gooey inside.

DD: You said kid’s books plural earlier. Have you got more lined up?

MM: Well. The short answer is yes…

DD: Good, that’s fine. We don’t want you babbling on. What sort of feedback have you had so far?

MM: I don’t want to brag or anything, but let’s just say that comparisons have been made to the Mr. Men series and there have been allusions to me being the best thing for children’s literature since J.K. Rowling…

DD: Comments from your gran don’t count as real reviews you know…

MM: Oi you cheeky bastard! That was feedback from genuine, non-related customers I’ll have you know!

DD: Whatever, here at Dronfield Digital we know a thing or two about fabricating appraisals. We’re onto you Murdoch.

MM: Whatever yourself, DD. Maybe I’ll take my exclusive interview over to the Dronfield Eye…

DD: You wouldn’t dare. Anyway, one last question. How big a part does Dronfield play in your book?

MM: Erm…

DD: Wait. You mean I’m wasting time interviewing a ‘local author’ and you’ve not even mentioned Dronfield in your work? What the hell?

MM: Well there’s no direct mention of Dronfield, but it is definitely inspired by it. There’s some serious small town attitudes present with all the other flakes picking on the twins for being freaks.  And, you know, it snowed a lot in Dronfield last year…

DD: That is ridiculous. Why couldn’t you have them visiting the Peel Monument or something?

MM: I’ll put it in the next one, promise.

DD: Good, you better had do. Finish off with a shameless plug then…

MM: Right, thanks. It’s released on November 4th, but you can pre-order it from Amazon and Waterstones now. Easy little present for young relatives with Christmas coming up! We’ve also got some limited edition copies, signed and numbered, which we’re selling for £5 as a pre-release run, but these are shifting fast so get in touch asap if you want to order one! You can like our Facebook page here to message us and keep up with all the latest news.


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