Happy Birthday: 18 Ways To Celebrate In Dronfield

Toby Carvery

Earlier this week Dronfield Digital’s trusted, fearless dear leader turned 21. Inspired by this, here are 18 different ways you can celebrate a birthday in our beloved Dronfield. I had wanted 21 so the segment worked better, but I ran out of ideas. If you have any suggestions, let us know! And if you’ve not already, make sure to wish Gareth a belated happy 21st…

  1. The most basic requirement of any birthday celebration is your acknowledgement of the day. Everybody knows there’s a secret hierarchy depending on how much you like a person which dictates the method of birthday wishes you use. Acquaintances get Facebook posts, friends get texts and good friends/family get cards. For those people important enough for you to splash the cash on a card, head on over to Clinton’s at the Civic to peruse a wide selection of cards. If you REALLY like them, you’ll want to pick up some wrapping paper for that gift you’ve bought while you’re at it…
  2. Nothing says ‘Happy Birthday’ like going out for a nice meal. Dronfield has a variety of top-notch restaurants including Ayeshas, the Chequers and that one on Dronny Bottom which is constantly changing for you to enjoy.
  3. Don’t fancy leaving the house? Sometimes there’s no better way to celebrate than ordering in, having a few cans and sticking a DVD on. Whatever you’re in the mood for: Chinese, Indian, Italian, Dronfield has a Takeaway option for you. So get your ‘sweatpants are all that fits me right now’ on, grab a menu and chill out for the evening.
  4. The ‘I just want a quiet drink’ celebration. The birthday gal/boy and a couple of close friends going out and having a respectable bevvy or two. Dronfield has more pubs than it knows what to do with, so you’ve got plenty to choose from.
  5. The ‘I did just want a quiet drink but we might as well get absolutely smashed’ celebration. This is the inevitable result of the previous activity; one drink becomes twelve, your close pals becomes everybody you’ve ever spoken to and your respectable celebration ends with you waking up in a bush somewhere wondering if you should go to A&E to check out the bone sticking out of your shoulder. As with the last option, Dronfield has pubs aplenty to fuel your crazy drunken antics.
  6. How about a nice birthday shopping spree? We’ve got loads of boutiques, charity shops and supermarkets for you to treat yourself to a cute little top or that ‘to die for’ purse. The Forge is basically Meadowhall which is basically New York when it comes to shopping.
  7. In an ideal world, we’d all spend our birthdays at the beach, staring out at the sea and sipping on a nice cold cocktail. Well, Dronfield’s just about the most inland place you could be in England, so we can’t really offer you that. But why not go for a nice swim at the Sports Centre swimming pool? It’s pretty much the same thing, right? Right???
  8. I can’t really relate to this one, but some people, generally 40+ men, enjoy a round of golf or two. If that floats your boat, Dronfield’s golf course is just the way for you to spend your special day, leisurely hitting balls with a stick and taking in the scenic views.
  9. If it’s nice weather, why not rally up a few chums and go for a picnic? Dronfield has about 145 parks, including the famous Cliffe Park, for you to go and have a little food and play on the swings. You may be getting older, but I bet you’re still a big kid at heart.
  10. Two words: House Party. Dronfield has loads of houses. You might even live in one. Stock up on booze at your local Co-Op, make a bass-thumpin’ playlist, stick an event on Facebook and let the fun come to you. Make sure you hide anything valuable though, and be prepared for the clean-up operation when the party eventually ends.
  11. Lots of people enjoy music. A fun way to spend your special day could be to go and watch some people play music live. There are loads of pubs throughout Dronfield that host open-mic nights and other live music events.
  12. If it’s your birthday, you’ve probably been given some money by people who don’t care enough to buy you a thoughtful gift, which is burning a hole in your wallet. Unfortunately, Dronfield has yet to open a casino, but we do have the next best thing for you to get your gambling fix. It-Boxes. You can spend hours and maybe about a tenner playing the quiz games or a spot of Bingo on these brilliant little machines. Go crazy. It is your birthday after all.
  13. How about a pamper day? Another business Dronfield has an abundance of is hairdressers and salons, so get yourself down to your local beauty venue, have a facial, get your nails done and simply relax!
  14. Occasionally, people (not myself, mind you) like to indulge in something a little bit illegal. Like crack cocaine or a massive spliff. As it’s a special occasion, Dronfield has a thriving underworld of drug dealers to help get you in the party mood. Just hang out up at Greendale and someone will proposition you in no time.
  15. The ‘surprise party’ celebration. This usually involves a function room at your local boozer, a buffet, a couple of embarrassing childhood photos, an awkward combination of extended family and long-forgotten friends and absolutely zero element of surprise. Enjoy. Once you get a handful of shots down your neck and the DJ starts playing the cheesy classics, it’ll be a lot easier for you to let loose and have a bit of fun.
  16. Nights out in Dronfield can fast become stale. You’re in the same pub with the same people talking about the same things. For a special birthday drinking sesh, why not liven it up a bit and try a pub crawl? Work out the best route in advance, making sure you hit at least 10 pubs, and then have one pint in every place.
  17. The ‘garden party’ celebration. Basically, this is the same as the house party variety, except you all hang out in the garden. Fire up the BBQ, chuck a gazebo up if the weather looks dodgy and let the drinking commence. Avoid open water features and don’t let the person manning the barby drink too much.
  18. Sometimes, little people have birthdays too. This leads us to possibly the greatest birthday celebration of them all, the children’s party. Hire a bouncy castle and a clown, spend hours making up party bags and eat copious amounts of birthday cake. For the adults, a glass of wine can help dull the sound of screaming kids and One Direction on repeat.

Contributing author, Millie Murdoch (@Millie_Murdoch)

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