Grand Theft Auto Dronfield

GTA Dronfield

With all the excitement/buzz/hype surrounding the GTA V release, I decided to lay out reasons why Rockstar Games should make GTA Dronfield, and not because I already had a stock image of a GTA Dronfield game cover.

The Map:

The best thing about GTA – apart from shooting innocent bystanders in the head with a sniper – is the map. Unfortunately, learning a new map takes time and obviously makes it more difficult when you’re trying to lose the fuzz. In Dronfield that wouldn’t be a problem, you would be thinking, “I can lose them down Mill Lane, I need to get to Dronny Bottom quick”.

Wanted Stars:

Everyone who has ever played GTA knows that wanted stars are just inconvenient, they make game play irritating after only a minor killing spree; the insignificantly small and unreliable Police force in Dronfield means wanted stars would be a thing of the past. 5 Stars? What are they going to do, send out their best man with a fly swat on a bicycle, don’t worry son, you go rob that Hot Dog kart at the Civic Centre.

Variety of cars:

You’re not going to get a sweet Lamborghini or a B F Injection (remember those, ah yeah!) but there are some nice vehicles knocking around that would be worth stealing in a virtual environment. Just remember for each nice car there are 100 Volvo’s with children’s toys littered over the back-seats. If you’re robbing a Volvo on a game you deserve a real life prison sentence for this because you’re certifiably insane.


Admit it, you’re bored of gangland shootings and delivering big shipments of drugs for Mexican cartels, you want to shot small bags of grass from a push bike. Well, there would be lots of small time crimes like this in GTA Dronfield, much like there is in real-world Dronfield.  Get excited.


You’re not going to need an RPG, so let’s forget about that. Uzi, why would you want an Uzi? I propose the only weapons you would need in GTA Dronfield would be a rolled-up newspaper and a grimacing stare whilst shouting the words “You what mate?!” Nobody would try anything.


Although these places are like GTA already, you could go there in a virtual environment, without any risk of going to hospital following a fatal shooting, unlike in real life. I imagine these places would be hot-spots for finding weapons, safe-houses and  spray-shops.


Example game cover.

Example game cover.

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