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Dronfield Library.

If you like children’s books, look no further than the Dronfield Library. I actually like Dronfield Library, they do actually have a great selection of books and accept requests. 

I haven’t been to Dronfield Library for about 3 years as I took out some books and never returned them. I fear if I return these books I’m going to have to take a bank loan for the fees and face disapproving looks from the library staff (who are actually really nice).

From Gordon to Dronfield Library:

Hey guys!!!
I’m relatively new to the area and I’m looking to do a sci-fi night for my new bookclub!!! If any of you are interested then shoot me an email and we’ll see what we can do!!! It will be fancy dress!! As long as it’s sci-fi based anything goes!!!
But anyway, to my main question, do you have a range of sci-fi in the library for borrowing?
Ideally non-fiction if possible, but fiction will do. Anything with a time machine theme running throughout, as it will help with a little project that I’m currently working on!!! I can’t give too much away,  but I think a little bit of background reading will be a massive help!!!
I look forward to hearing from you,
Live long and prosper!!!
From Dronfield Library to Gordon:

Hi Gordon,
At Dronfield Library we don’t have a separate sci-fi section so you would have to search through the fiction shelves or search by author.  We do have a Graphic novels section which includes some sci-fi.
Chesterfield Library is the main library and has a larger selection of sci-fi.
The library catalogue can be accessed on-line at www.derbyshire.gov.uk.  Look for links to libraries and library catalogue.
Hope this helps.
Regards, [name removed].

From Gordon to Dronfield Library:

Hi [name removed]!
Thanks for the reply!!! Are you interested in sci-fi at all yourself?!?
If so are there any new books you could recommend?!? I’m always up for new reads!!! Also, as an aside, are you aware of anyone/anywhere in the town that sells old radio parts and or generators?!? They’re needed as a part of my ongoing project!!!
Thanks again,
Live long and prosper!!!
They never replied…

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