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What do we need?

We are looking for purposeful content creators who wish to contribute to Dronfield Digital and become part of the Dronfield Digital Revolution.

Until further notice we are looking for review writers, satirists, small town enthusists, photographers, videographers, musicians, illustrators, graphic designers… if you create digital media, we’re interested.

The basic requirements are: A decent command of the English language, creativity, banterfullness (it’s a word). Previous experience in your specific field is encouraged. It is very important you will be able to contribute at once/twice a month.

What do you get?

I’m sure you want rewarding for your time, these are the pitiful handful of privelages you will recieve:

  • You will be a certified Dronfield Digital Content Creator (DDCC). No doubt this will help you pick up girls/boys.
  • You will get a brand new, super-cool, and awesome sounding email address.
  • Your content will be a top priority, we will aim to have it on the front page and tweet/facebook it wherever possible.
  • If we both stay happy after some grace period, your content will be subject to payment.

How to apply?

Becoming a certified Dronfield Digital Content Creator (DDCC) is as easy as you think it might be. View the details for your respective field below and email us at:

mail [at]


Please send at least 2 writing samples to the email address above. These samples don’t have to be Dronfield related, it is just to establish that you can write to a good standard.


Please send over a couple of photographs and a brief description of what area of photography you are interested in. We will not publish your photographs without your consent.


Video files are usually quite large, so please do not fill the inbox with hefty media files. Please provide links to videos you have produced, also send a brief description of the area of videography you are interested in.


You’d like to teach the world to sing? You’ve got a song in your heart? You’re a washed-up rock star with time on your hands? Please send over samples of your music and a brief description of where you want to go with it. Please bare in mind, music will more than likely be coupled with video and we will not publish your music without your consent.

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