A foreword from the Editor-in-Chief, Emmanuel Goldstein:

At Dronfield Digital, we aim to be Dronfield’s best (and apparently only) alternative content portal.


Our good friends at Derbyshire Times have said this about us:

Original, fresh, exciting; This is exactly what Dronfield needs right now. I’m not saying that Dronfield Digital is the most important and innovative place on the web right now, but it’s up there. This really is a place to watch, the delightful mix of out-right satire and community spirit is sublime. Keep up the good work guys!!



[Dronfield Eye picture removed]

We used to have a falsified testimonial from the Dronfield Eye here. We had to take it down because the editor threatened to tell on us to his solicitor:

Dear Dronfield Digital,

Would you please remove the following post and our magazine logo from your website immediately?
Failure to do so will see us instruct our solicitor to take up the matter with you.

– Mike Firth
– Dronfield Eye

(EDIT: I have since met Mike at Dronfield Music Festival, he’s a very pleasant man.)




North East Derbyshire District Council:

We had a falsified testimonial from those guys here. I have since spoken to a nice lady from their communications department and she very politely asked us to remove the testimonial.


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