Dronfield: On Top Of The World.

Cliffe Park Slide

After the recent media attention that Dronfield gained due to its pothole attraction, it seems that many stunning facts about our modest little town may have gone unnoticed, a prime example being our record-breaking recreational park component.

Having been enjoyed for years, who would have thought that the Cliffe Park slide could in fact be the stuff of legends? According to Clive Johnson of the SS (Slide Society), the slide leaves the rest of its UK counterparts quivering in its monumental shadow. In spite of its humble surroundings, the slide is in fact the tallest in the United Kingdom – by a whole foot!

Work is currently in the planning stages by Derbyshire County Council to add height to the base of the slide in order to reach a new record; it currently falls just 9 inches below the height of the tallest slide in Europe, and a mere 13 inches below the tallest in the world.

However, this world-beating opportunity has not been met with a positive view by all residents. Local mother of nine, Andrea Westwood, has begun a petition campaigning against the health and safety infringements that may be posed by increasing the slide’s already towering height. ‘Last month my son came off the slide at a ferocious pace. Luckily he escaped with no cuts or scrapes; not even a bruise. But imagine… Just imagine if that slide had been 13 inches taller. I’m almost certain he would have broken his neck.’

Andrea attempted to sue the Dronfield Council after this occurrence, but it was decided in an out of court settlement that her son (Jason, 35) shouldn’t have even been on the park due to the conditions of his bail, and that it is clearly stated at the base of the slide that it shouldn’t be used under the influence.

I think I speak for the majority of Dronfield when I say that I personally am happy for a small amount of children to receive minor injuries if it does in fact help put our delightful town on the map. I mean, we all know we deserve the recognition.


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