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A local group of musicians going under the name of ‘Banned Maid’ have re-mixed and recorded their take on one of the UKs most iconic Christmas songs, in a bid to beat the X-Factor hopefuls, Slade, Cliff Richard, Roy Wood, Dave Berry and the many other artists competing for the coveted Xmas No 1 spot.

The composer and lead singer, who wishes to remain out of the media spotlight for the time being (due to the anticipated and unwelcome attention this success will bring), told us: “We hope our fellow townsfolk of Dronfield get behind the track, and all buy it, or download it. If everyone in the area does, then we expect to be at the top of the charts on Christmas Day. Any profits will be shared equally, in the form of alcohol and food, between the pubs and bars of our town, thereby re-investing back into the community, and also of course, having a damned good time while we’re doing so. After all, the track was written in various pubs, it seems only fitting that the proceeds are spent in them”.

We have published the lyrics (see below), so you can all learn them in advance:

Its Christmas time,

there’s no need to be afraid.

In Dronfield town,

there’s no need to fight, we are all well paid.

And in our town of plenty

with things to do and enjoy.

Throw our arms around our town,

at Christmas time.


But say a prayer,

pray for the Unstone ones,

at Christmas time, its hard,

but they don’t have much fun,

‘Cos our world’s outside our windows,

and its a world of fun and beers,

and we can go where music’s playing,

meet our friends and shout some “cheers”

and the Christmas bells that ring here

will be playing our favourite tune,


Well tonight thank God I don’t,

live in Unstoooooonnnne.


And there might be snow in Coal Aston this Christmas time

So the worst we’ll have to do this year is climb (oooh woah),

Up Snape Hill Lane we’ll go

To the Co-op shop we know,

Do they shut at Christmas time at all?


Cheers to us, raise a glass please everyone

Cheers to us, have a drink in every pub

Don’t stay in this Christmas time at all…



Heed our words

let them know its Dronfields time,

Tell the world

let them know it’s Dronfield town…..(repeat to fade)




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