Dronfield Press Accused of Fabricating the News

Dronfield Press

An investigation is currently underway to establish if there is any evidence behind claims that Dronfield local press has been fabricating its news.  The claims came to light when a graduate journalist, who cannot be named for legal reasons, leaked emails sent from a well known local publisher to an as yet unnamed “news creation” consultancy company based in London. The cited consultancy specialises in manufacturing news stories for areas that suffer from what is known in the industry as “Journalist Drought”.

Dronfield has long since suffered from a lack of eye catching headlines, however it has become a more noticeable problem in years of late with local rags diminishing in size. Content is now so scant that the total word count of local publications is heavily influenced by the size of the weekly Co-Op deals insert and the movements of the local Ramblers Society. The recent closure of Sheaf Motors has dealt another devastating blow, hemorrhaging pages from struggling papers.

Budding journalists are often dispatched to Dronfield to complete work experience or sandwich year training owing to its consistent reputation of nothing happening, providing a gentle taster to the world of media. One such junior journalist had this to say: “Reporting on Dronfield’s news is the most thankless and uninspiring introduction to the red hot world of current affairs that one could hope for. Last week saw the pinnacle of my 9 month placement when news broke that a new round-a-bout was to be implemented near Sainsbury’s. I had to work late that day because one of my colleagues had been signed off with chronic boredom.”

In a bizarre twist of events, a local glossy publisher was dragged into proceedings accused of plagiarising their own work. A review of content from the magazine showed compelling evidence that the media house had ripped off their own articles and re-issued them on an almost monthly basis. Specialist computer software was used to reveal only a 4% variation in content over a 12 month cross section.

DronfieldDigital has also being dragged into the fray, accused of sensationalising stories to boost readers on its electronic outlet.  Angry representatives from rival paper based print houses said that “DD’s story entitled ‘Dronfield’s Potty Tourist Attraction Set to Boost Economy’ was embellished beyond all recognition and frankly childish”.  The author is yet to comment.

The trial continues in the High Court with the verdict expected to be passed in Autumn of 2032.


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