Dronfield Film Project

Dronfield Film Project

Wouldn’t it be great if Dronfield had something new to offer to the younger crowd? Something other than late-night illegal drinking? Something other than wandering aimlessly around the same roads every weekend?

Well we’re answering your prayers. Dronfield Film Project is coming soon, and we already have a number of exciting plans (including access to a lorry, who knows what this is going to be used for at this stage…) and depending on your feedback, many more exciting features to come!

Basically, we’re going to show a film, for a pittance, in Dronfield. What’s not to love?! We have a number of potential locations, and where we decide to base it depends on you! The level of interest will decide where the film will be shown. If our Facebook page gets up to 200 likes, we’ll be showing the film indoors in the Civic Hall (but come on Dronfield, we know you’re better than that). If we exceed 200 likes, then the event will go ahead, wait for it, OUTDOORS. That’s right, we’re planning to bring some inner-city glamour to our humble town, as well as entertaining the well-deserving locals in the process.

To keep up –to-date with any developments, or to have your say, give our Facebook page a ‘Like’, and follow our Twitter. The aim of this event is to give something back to the people of Dronfield, and to give people something a little bit different to look forward to. We’re not running this solely for ourselves, so we want to hear your opinions!

At this early stage we’re looking for film suggestions, and those that prove to be popular and/or make the most sense to us, will be part of a vote at a later date. Think of it as an ‘X-Factor for Dronfield’s Film’.

To have your say, head to;


We look forward to seeing you all there!
Dronfield Film Project

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