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Dronfield VS New York

S18. The Big Apple. Miles apart in distance, yes. Miles apart in personality, culture, architecture, geographic location, crime stats and so on? Maybe not. Over this series of articles I aim to compare the various wonders that both of these humble townships have to offer…

Dronfield may not be the first town that springs to mind when thinking of a retail paradise, but is this completely fair? On the other hand, New York is assumed to be some sort of haven for any aspiring shopaholic. Where do these stereotypes pop-up from, and are they soundly founded? In my first article I aim to focus on the two most popular shops that these great places present to the public.

Macy*s vs The Co-operative

Arguably the most famous department store in the world, Macy*s of New York feels that it has to flash its cash, sponsoring events such as the New York Thanksgiving Parade, and the annual Independence Day Firework display. What are they trying to prove? Dronfield’s Flagship Co-op store, based in the Civic Centre, offers many high-end brands, including but not limited to; Uncle Ben’s, Warburton’s, and even occasionally continental brands such as Petit Filous. Can Macy*s compete with this kind of variety and luxury? Personally, I assume that they cannot. Otherwise, they would let their store do the talking, rather than ploughing ridiculous amounts of money into empty gestures such as parades, that in actual fact serve no real benefit to the community.

What is Co-op doing for the community I hear you all cry? Well, the answer is simple. The Co-op is giving us hope. It is showing us that community pride is not dead. That co-operation between numerous parties is not dead. And indeed that small family run businesses aren’t dead (despite popular belief, the Co-op is in fact run by a modest Dronfield-based family man). It’s this level of hope that makes Dronfield great. That makes us strong and courageous. And it is this level of hope that allows us to outshine our colonial cousins across the pond.

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