Dronfield Digital: Selling Out Like Massive Sell-Outs, Bloody Sell-Outs.


All online-based-local-town-satire publications come to a point where they realise they are hemorrhaging money and they don’t have a clearly defined business plan, or at the very least, a predetermined goal. Giving kick-backs to local officials and brown envelopes to local police gets expensive* and with this I am pleased(reluctant) to announce, Dronfield Digital is open for business. 

What does this mean for you the reader?

  • We are still going to be posting the same content as before, however, we will also be posting things relevant to the town and local businesses and perhaps provide you with online exclusive offers.
  • The banter will not stop, one of the great things about Dronfield Digital, it provides a forum for tongue-in-cheek banter. We may sometimes be close-to-the-knuckle, we can only assume this is why people read us.

What does this mean for you local businessman (or perhaps businesswoman)?

  • If you would like to advertise with us, these options are available:
    • ADVERTORIALS: Made popular by rival publications town-wide, we will come down to your business, take pictures and provide a write-up of what you do, how well you do it and why local residents should care.
    • PRESS RELEASES: Do you have an event coming up? Has the dynamic of your business changed rapidly and you want to tell the town about it? Do you just want to update the local people on what’s in store over the coming months? We will publish your press releases, and engage people across social media to read them.
    • BUSINESS / PRODUCT PLACEMENT: Do you want Dronfield Digital to subtly plug you in an article or on social-media? We can do this.

Why choose to advertise with Dronfield Digital?

  1. We have a very active community of contributors from the local area.
  2. Every week we receive thousands of views on the website.
  3. We target a greater demographic than other publications.
  4. We are modern, engaging and think Dronfield needs a decent online publication.
  5. We are online, therefore we have better means to measure your return-on-investment; printed publications cannot.
  6. We believe in honest, fair and affordable pricing to encourage smaller businesses.

Okay, I’m sold. I want to advertise, what now?

  • All you have to do is visit our contact page and specify you want to advertise with us. Someone will call you back to discuss what you are looking to achieve and provide you with pricing.

Sweeten the deal for me, please?

  • Okay, the first couple of people to advertise will receive cut-rate prices. How about that for an offer, eh? Eh? Yeah.


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