Dronfield Digital: Latest Acquisition For Murdoch Media Empire?

Dronfield Skyline

Since the inauguration of Dronfield Digital’s new Editor-In-Chief, Millie Murdoch, rumours have spread through Dronfield and the business world alike that the small-town online publication has been bought out by Rupert Murdoch’s News International.

Although the media mogul, referred to as ‘the man whose name is synonymous with unethical newspapers’ (Newsweek, 2012), has neglected to comment on the matter, a person familiar with the organisation may have alluded to the rumours being true, saying ‘Dronfied Digital? What on earth is Dronfield Digital?’

What does this mean for us? When asked what the future holds for Dronfield Digital, the new Editor had this to say:

I’ll be following my Great-Uncle’s school of journalism with Dronfield Digital. Flexible political alignment, ruthless measures to capture a quote, and when in doubt, simply bend facts, stretch truths and fabricate stories…’

So, basically, fear not loyal readers, absolutely nothing will change.

‘Having said that, I want DD to be my own thing; I’m not simply going to use it as a platform to promote other publications. I want to bring the news of the world to Dronfield and the news of Dronfield to the world. These are the times to fox out the competition and continue the hard work of my predecessor, ensuring DD delivers the hardest-hitting, highest-quality content of any Dronfield-based online media outlet. I believe the sun is shining brightly over DD and I am positive that the future holds good things. The sky really is the limit…’


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