Dronfield Conspiracy Club

Dronfield Conspiracy Club

Are you absolutely convinced the moon landings were faked? You think 9/11 was planned by the American Goverment, right? And influenza vaccinations are in some way connected with mind-control, obviously? Dronfield Conspiracy Club is the place for you. Maybe you’ve watched Zeitgeist a few too many times, maybe you read a Dan Brown book, maybe you’re convinced the milk-man is up to something. Whatever the reason, we WILL NOT judge you.

Here at the Dronfield Conspiracy Club we accommodate all levels of paranoia from checking-under-your-bed-before-you-sleep to refusing-to-eat-food-you-haven’t-personally-prepared, without prejudice.

To better understand what we talk about, I will list some general topics of discussion:

  • Land Instruments International: You know, the building between Sainsbury’s and The Victoria. This MUST be the location for a global super-villain HQ. Despite being one of the largest employers in Dronfield, nobody has ever met a single person that works there, and nobody has ever seen anyone enter or leave…
  • How do all the independent shops stay open?: If you have ever walked or perhaps driven round Dronfield, you will notice an abundance of new shops (mainly cafes), but nobody is ever seen buying from these shops, ever seen entering or ever seen leaving. At DCC we are convinced this is a conspiracy by the council to do something bad that we have not yet discovered…
  • Other things that involve watching people entering or leaving places: We also discuss other buildings that we have never seen anyone enter, but more importantly, leave. Watching people entering and leaving places is a core focus of the Dronfield Conspiracy Club…

If you would like more information on our discussion group, please contact: thetruthisoutthere@yahooo.co.uk or call Ruth on 07771 234 567 today.


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