Dronfield Business Forum: The networking event Dronfield business owners

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Dronfield Business Forum is a monthly networking event in Dronfield which aims to foster a community of business owners in Dronfield. 

Most networking events are stuffy, starched-collar affairs but instead of that we want to make Dronfield Business Forum a more casual event welcome to all, not just the business elite of the area talking about how brilliant they are!

Dronfield Business Forum is very much for all business owners, not matter the size: and everything inbetween.

Dronfield Business Forum is an informal “meet-and-greet” event with business owners from across the town to talk about what their business does with others. It is held at the excellent 10a venue on the High Street, which normally functions as a live music venue regularly putting on high-quality acts.

So, if you’re a business owner in Dronfield and you want to meet other business owners, to talk about your enterprise, please come down to our event on Wednesday 18th of May. You can find the event on Facebook or Meetup here.

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