Drive Like a Dronfield Girl

Drive Like A Dronfield Bird

Drive like a Dronfield Girl are a new insurance company with one sole purpose, to get you ladies, yes you ladies, the best possible price for insurance. Like all sexist insurance companies they know women are better behind the wheel. Your Yaris/Micra/Ka is in safe hands.

DLADG aren’t like other insurance companies, they don’t care if you want to apply make-up at every junction, provoking beeps and colourful language from fellow motorists. They don’t care if you’re not paying attention to the road because you’re too busy changing the CD from Adele’s first album to Adele’s second album. They don’t even care if you crash into the back of your ex-boyfriend’s car because he’s a dick right? Who is he to call you needy? His new girlfriend is a bitch anyway.

If you can prove you drive like a Dronfield girl, you will be eligible for a 30% discount. To prove this, all you have to do is pass two of the following tests:

  1. Spend half an hour trying to reverse in a parking space at the Civic Centre, open your door too fast and hit the car next to you, freak out and drive off without buying the hair dye you badly need because your roots are coming through.
  2. Approach Meadowhead roundabout in the wrong lane, spend too long pulling out, nearly cause an accident and take the wrong exit.
  3. Misinterpret road signs and call Mum for help (she doesn’t know either).
  4. Any type of meltdown behind the wheel, including but not limited to: sobbing, crying, wailing or anything that results in eye liner running down your face.
  5. Having eyelashes on your car.

Rest assured, DLADG are committed to making you absolutely blameless behind the wheel. Their crack legal team will nag, hound and pester you out of any situation. No crash too big, no dent too small.

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