Crime is at an all time high in Dronfield, but what can you do?

Security camera

Every area has crime, from Dore to Batemoor, it’s how we deal with crime that is most important. Like with many things in life, prevention is cheaper than the cure.

Opportunistic thieves come to nicer areas like Dronfield because they know there are things to rob. At least once a year there is a major robbery by armed individuals in the Dronfield area. As well as streetside muggings.


As always, the police advise everyone to be careful but increasing security in your home is a surefire way to protect yourself and your family from theft or attack. Local electrician from PROCHECK Electrical, James Millward had this to say:

“We’ve found the best way for local residents to combat crime in the area and avoid having their homes broken into is a very simple CCTV installation.”

“Our systems record automatically and footage can easily be reviewed at any time. Burglars and petty criminals think twice when they see CCTV cameras because they know it immediately increases their chances of getting caught.”

“It’s important that you also make sure your home alarm system is functioning properly, or check whether it needs updating.”

PROCHECK Electrical are NAPIT and Electric Safe Registered. If you would like a free quotation for a CCTV or alarm system, call James on 01246 291404 for more information.

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