You can now buy cocktails in Dronfield, seriously!

Cocktail in Dronfield

If you are anything like me, a god-fearing man, you have drunk vast quantities of alcohol in and around Dronfield. It’s very commendable behaviour, which should be encouraged and admired, but there’s something missing isn’t there? No, I’m not talking about companionship, self-worth or personal accountability. I’m talking about cocktails, of course.

Well, 10A High Street have stepped up to the mark to deliver dry martinis to the James Bonds of Dronfield and Long Island Iced Teas for those people who have forgotten how strong Long Island Iced Teas are and wake up face-down in the conservatory with the dog licking their face.

The cocktail menu has been carefully considered by professional mixologists (read: local boozehounds) to please even the widest of tastes (read: experienced alcoholics).

Long Island Iced Tea, a twist on a classic. If this drink doesn’t taste like regret from the first sip to the fourth glass, you must be made of stone. An absolutely legendary mix of nearly everything on the top shelf served with a straw.

Mojito. Nothing says fun like a Mojito unless you did what I did in Bangkok last year. This traditional minty Cuban highball is both refreshing and inebriating.


You may have had Pimms before. It was probably a warm summer day. You probably thought: “Oh wow, this Pimms is great. It’s not even that strong either. I could drink so many of these” and then several hours later you called your husband a failure and told him you’re taking the kids with you when the divorce is finalised because you thought it would hurt him but actually he was glad because your kids are hard work and he’s not even that keen on them anyway.

Are you James Bond? If not, why not pretend to be by carrying a gun around and the aid of a Dry Martini. Shaken, stirred, rowdy and undeterred. You could also tell people your surname before your Christian name. This will help the arresting officer, I’m sure. However you want it, it will taste excellent and fill with you the confidence to ask out that bird you’ve been texting for a few weeks. Just hope your wife doesn’t find out. Well, not until the divorce.

Mexitini. Ok, ok, you caught me out. I’m not sure if this is an official cocktail but it’s strong. It’s triple sec, tequila, vodka and orange juice. The phrase “too much of a good thing” may have found it’s origin after someone spent a long night with a few of these in his hand.

For more information, find 10a High Street on facebook.

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