Can we all agree that The Green Dragon is the best pub in Dronfield?

Green Dragon, Dronfield.

Recently I was pondering which pub is the best pub in Dronfield, when I was 18 I’d tell you it was the Hyde Park Inn, at 19 I’d say The White Swan, at 20 I’d say the Dronfield Arms, after that the only other place I’d bother to drink in Dronfield was the Manor House, but recently, I’ve realised what I think I always knew: The Green Dragon is actually the best pub in Dronfield, isn’t it?

Not only is it older than most countries, being over 500 years old (or, nearly as old as your mum), but the amount of people who go there on a weekend surpasses the population of Andora.

It has a big car-park, boasting two entrances with ample turning room. It’s tastefully decorated. I can’t speak for the Ladies because I’ve never been in there but the Gents is one of the nicest public toilets I’ve ever been in. Whilst we’re on the subject, I think this is possibly the only drawback to the Green Dragon, the toilets are too nice. After a few beers, you might mistake yourself for being in the toilets of a nice hotel, an expensive spa resort or modern Kensington apartment.

Busiest venue for the Three Valleys Beer Festival

Busiest venue for the Three Valleys Beer Festival

You never get the feeling that they are trying too hard to impress anyone either, rather they are very comfortable running it exactly as they want to run a pub, there’s no gimmick or desperation. The only time they really pander to the Real Ale crowd is the Three Valleys Beer Festival, when it’s the most popular destination without trying.

The outside smoking area is well-sheltered and has big, inviting heat lamps to keep you warm whilst you puff on an Embassy Filter and argue with your friend about the EU referendum, over a pint of San Miguel or one of the many other premium lagers available from the well-stocked, well-kept bar.

Smoking Area

Naturally, this is all down to Veronica Tomlinson, the Iron Lady of pub management who runs a tight ship. The Titanic would not have sunk on her watch, even after a few glasses of wine. Her no-nonsense attitude firmly establishes her as the leading landlady in the area.

Here’s to The Green Dragon, the best pub in Dronfield. You can find them on Facebook here, or check out their brand new website at!

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