6 Things Dronfield Needs

The Forge, Dronfield.

When you think about it, it’s surprising businesses aren’t reaching out to take advantage of the massive market of teenagers…

Dronfield is actually a pretty good place to grow up. It’s a very safe place which provides a somewhat decent education. However, as we all know, Dronfield is a boring place. A very boring place. Really, it’s a good job we’re right next door to Sheffield. But being so close to Sheffield and Chesterfield, it does mean that absolutely nothing that could be classed as fun ever comes to Dronfield. I’ve got 6 things that could spice up Dronfield life.

24 hour Co-Op?

YES, or some kind of convenience store that stays open after 8pm. You know, for when you really need a Kinder Bueno .

Youth fashion retailer?

Although nobody under 50 has ever been in The Forge, would there be business for a shop that sold multi-sex clothes targeted at 13-25 year olds? A shop on the station side of the complex could see a fair bit of success considering how hundreds of potential customers walk past twice a day going to and from school. With independent clothing labels doing well these days, stocking the right brands: Skull & Bones, XCVB, Who, Obey etc (and obviously Localed) could make a nice bit of money. However, I’d rather move to Unstone than have such a store warp Dronfield into snapback city.


No. Dronfield doesn’t need over-priced and over-rated coffee (not sorry). Even though a Frappuccino would go down a treat in the height of Dronfield’s-park-life summer, cheaper and better coffee can be found at Coffee Central on the High Street. For example, a take-out latte at Café Nero would cost you £2.25 (ish) but only £1.60 at Coffee Central. Neither do I want Instafags #hashtagging #starbucks #in #dronfield #having #goodtimes


There are valid arguments for why a Wetherspoons would be a bad idea for Dronfield. Firstly, it would undercut every other pub and people would start getting teary saying “support local businesses”. And secondly, we’d all get boozy and fat. However “Beer & Burger” for about a fiver is so substantial and exciting that it outweighs economic and social concerns brought on by bringing a Wetherspoons to the town. Therefore, Dronfield needs a Spoons.


Dronfield doesn’t need a Maccys. The thought that a Big Mac is never more than a mile’s radius of you is quite appealing for some. But let’s face it, everyone would get really fat and Dronfield life would get even slower. If there’s one thing Dronfield doesn’t need, it’s an influx of obesity.

Cocktail Bar?

Yes, Dronfield needs Sex on the Beach, Blue Lagoons, Zombies, Mud Slides… the works. Because there’s only so many pints you can willfully drink in a night. But you don’t want to be drinking these fruity drinks next to oldish men on their 5th pint of bitter in the likes of the Stoops, Swan or Farmer. Dronfield could do with a decent bar for younger adults which plays decent music; in many ways, a ‘poser bar’. This bar wouldn’t have a jukebox though – they’re all good until the 17 year old girl who forgot her ID starts looping Thrift Shop and White Noise. Such a bar would be great until it inevitably gets shut down for getting strict on underage drinking and loses all its custom.

– Contributing Author, Jonny Burton.


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