6 Quintessentially Dronfield Things

Callywhite Lane, Dronfield


Move over Chamonix, Colorado, Bansko and Zermatt, Dronfield takes the number 1 hotspot for winter sports resorts. If you’ve ever taken to the slopes of Frith Wood, Kitchen Wood, Moonpenny or Hallowes you’d know what the word ‘thrill’ actually means. Frantically dashing down to Geoffs DIY to pick up a shiny new sledge, to then trudge up these slopes was a pinnacle moment of any Dronfieldians childhood.

Telly Tubby Hills

If these hills had eyes and could talk, what horrors would they speak of? Telly Tubby Hills is a haven for underage drinking and Class B substance abuse; on some nights Dronfield’s answer to Woodstock. The level of activity on the field is in direct correlation with the amount of scooters parked on Gosforth Drive, if there are five scooters plus, you better go grab your friends, budget vodka and some temperamental mobile speakers.

Wok Wonder £2.30 special

Making the end of the school week that little bit sweeter (and sour), Wok Wonders £2.30 lunch special were the staple diet of many sixth formers. Which were you? Curry or sweet and sour?


The 43, loathed by the hundreds could well be the most hated bus service in the country if not the entire world. It’s the bus that puts commuters and travellers in Darwins jungle, as the travellers desperately attempt to work out which route to take next at the failure of the 43s arrival. Do you wait longer? Will it even arrive? Should I run to the paths of the 43a or 44? Should I get the train? Despite the frustration the bus brings, it actually helps you exercise and helps you better your problem solving and team work skills.

Peel Monument

What even is the Peel Monument? (Not to be confused with the West Pennines Peel Monument that stands as a mighty towering phallic symbol that watches over the grasslands) Our Peel Monument, a more flaccid attempt is a commemoration to Sir Robert Peel who built the Cliffe Park slide with his bare hands. He resides inside the hill the slide rests on at the ripe old age of 208.

In 2006 rumours suggested there was a Meth lab in the hill, the fumes were funneled through the Callywhite Lane industrial estate. The rumours proved to be a cover up of the more boring reality that Sir Robert Peel repealed trade laws that protected nearby farmers.

Sheffield United Bin-man

A genuine Dronfield hero, you’ve probably seen this man patrolling the pathways of Dronfield with his mobile bin decorated with Sheffield United flags and stickers. In the eyes of a united supporter we see a true fan; in the eyes of a Wednesday supporter we see a false hero– decorating a bin with Sheffield United badges… Sheffield United… Rubbish…

– Contributing Author, Jonny Burton.
– Find him on twitter: @JonnBurt

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