4 Things You Don’t Tell People About Dronfield

4 Things You Don't Tell People About Dronfield

Dronfield Digital lays out 4 things you wouldn’t tell friends or family about Dronfield life, especially while you’re trying to explain how lovely it is to have moved from Sheffield or some other city. You may have just got married (soon-to-be divorced), you may have lived here your whole life (soon-to-be dead) or you might just be an estate agent (tosser); you have probably omitted the following points in your glowing description of S18-land.

There is crime. 

Vision: Dronfield is a sleepy suburban not-quite-in-Sheffield borough of not-quite-Sheffield but definitely not Chesterfield. Old people can walk the streets at night without fear of being mugged. You don’t have to cover your pin at the cash-point because nobody is going to rob you. Everyone smiles at each other and nobody wants trouble.

Reality: It’s not quite Compton, nobody is going to shoot you in a drive-by because you were dealing on ‘their turf’. In fact, you are more likely to get swindled into a Ponzi (Pyramid) Scheme or have your life savings fraudulently siphoned away by that nice man you met on the Alpha Course. Nobody likes to acknowledge there is crime in Dronfield more than anti-social behavior at the Civic Centre, but there are violent muppets who would happily punch you after 6 pints because he didn’t like the punchline to your joke.

You can’t buy cigarettes after 10pm.

Vision: There is an abundance of shops in Dronfield, it would only make sense that at least one of them stayed out late, if not all night. I would run out of cigarettes at 11:02PM, but not to worry, I can saunter down to the old tobacconist and purchase 20 of the finest Benson and Hedges money can buy.

Reality: If you run out of cigarettes after 10pm in Dronfield, just hope to God you’re out with a very good fellow smoker or someone prepared to pay the extortionate fare to Snax 24 on Meadowhead Roundabout. After a few beers the prospect of spending £15 for a round-trip to buy cigarettes, a pack of cheese Doritos, a pack of condoms and 8 Tennents Super, sounds all too appealing.

Going out is very hit and miss.

Vision: In Dronfield there are plenty of fine places to drink, with plenty of fine drinks, with plenty of fine people who have very fine conversations about very fine things like how very fine their day has been. Every night out is going to be fantastic, pass me the cocaine.

Reality: After you get past the initial inebria-inducing drinks, you’re very much on your own from there. Depending on which boozer you chose to make camp, the banter is going to either leave you in hysterics or leave you on the floor with a fist-shaped impression on your forehead.

The surrounding areas make prison seem friendly.

Vision: Dronfield is idyllically located between Sheffield and Chesterfield, it isn’t a far cry away from the country side. Just a short drive away from everywhere lovely, like the Peak district or… the Peak district.

Reality:  Dronfield is surrounded by some pretty dumpy towns; walking round Batemoor by yourself at night is not recommended, Lowedges has many parallels with eastern conflict areas and Unstone, well, it’s just Unstone.



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