2 Things You Didn’t Know About Dronfield

Once upon a time, Margaret Thatcher came to Dronfield...

1) Thatcher lunched at DHFS

July 6th 1972, Margaret Thatcher was hanging out in Dronfield, to open the new extensions to Dronfield Henry Fanshawe School.

At the time old Maggie T was Education Secretary and the local mob, the Dronfield Tenants and Residents Association, wanted her to see how strongly they felt about the Government’s Housing Finance Bill, by shouting lots. Y’know, because that’s how to stick it to the (wo)man.

Being the fantastic protesters you’d expect of a (possibly drunken) group of Dronfield busy-bodies, when they left for 15 minute to collect their placards, Thatcho sneaked in unannounced.

She did a little lunch, feigned interest in the frankly amateur renovation (probably) and left, never to return.

2) Vinnie Jones used to drink in The Hyde

During the early 90s while Vinnie was playing for Sheffield United, he lived at Hill Top and regularly drank in The Hyde.

Yeah, we thought there might have been a little more information on this one.


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