14 dead in Gunstones Bakery strike row


It has emerged today that Gunstones Bakery workers have called for strike action calling for tighter safety measures after 14 workers fell to their death in large vats of custard.

More than 650 Gunstones workers – at least 90% of them EU migrants – walked out of the well-known sandwich factory this morning prompting fears that Marks & Spencers will not be able to provide mexican three bean wraps or wiltshire ham hock sandwiches in their northern stores tomorrow.

Strike action was called for in an attempt to improve working conditions after 14 migrant workers fell to their death in a large vat of custard allocated to fill 12,000 doughnuts for Tesco stores. The men were fished out and the custard was pumped into doughnuts at the command of Gunstones bosses, despite verbal objections from workers. Tesco has since been forced to reduce the price of their doughnuts across the country to alleviate complaints against the contaminated custard.

BBC news has provided coverage on the event which has shocked the community to the very core.

Union leaders of local butchers and candlestick makers have joined the 700 strong crowd in solidarity. Landlords located near the now infamous bakery have reported a monumental spike in trade.

It is not yet known how the 14 men fell to their gloopy demise but it is speculated there were taking part in the now-banned bakers game of Custard Running, which sees competitors attempt to run across the surface of large vats of custard.

A local Labour councillor who wants to rename unnamed told us this: “Strike action is a regrettable but necessary decision.”


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